The Manufacturer’s Warranty is subject to guidelines, interpretations, revisions and updates as may be issued by the Manufacturer from time to time and published on this webpage, which shall automatically form part of the Sales Contract. Such guidelines, interpretations, revisions and updates shall prevail if they are inconsistent with the terms relating to the Manufacturer’s Warranty provided in Section 2 of the Sales Contract.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

2.1 The Vehicle and all parts thereof (save and except for wear and tear items) are sold subject to the manufacturer’s world-wide warranty (“Manufacturer’s Warranty”) for a period of twenty-four (24) months from the date of first registration, and, if an addendum is attached, to the terms of the Extended Warranty and Service Plan set out therein, and in accordance with manufacturer’s specification at the date of manufacture of the Vehicle.
2.2 The Manufacturer’s Warranty shall be limited to either (at the manufacturer’s option) the repair or the replacement, free of charge of material and labour costs, of the parts (save and except for wear and tear items) which are proved to be defective by manufacturer’s standard. Any damage due to lack of proper regular maintenance, negligent or improper handling, storage or transport by the Buyer and/or due to external factor(s) which is(are) beyond the control of the Seller/Manufacturer, is excluded from the Manufacturer’s Warranty. All claims under the Manufacturer’s Warranty shall be subject to examination.
2.3 Regular maintenance of the vehicle (either Service A / minor maintenance service or Service B / major maintenance service) at the prescribed level (as may be revised by the Manufacturer from time to time) in the Manufacturer’s authorized Mercedes-Benz service centres is recommended for proper maintenance of the vehicle and to enjoy the full benefits of the Manufacturer’s Warranty protection. The built-in ASSYST PLUS service interval display will advise the next service due date and the type of service required. Costs of such regular maintenance are not covered by the Manufacturer’s Warranty and are separately payable by the Buyer. Details of the types of maintenance services are listed below:-

a. Service A / minor maintenance service is the small service package for major safety, including checking of fluid levels and lighting as well as changing engine oil and filters, incorporating all service checks required for vehicle operation and maintaining mobility services.
b. Service B / major maintenance service is the large service package which covers the brakes and all visible parts in the engine compartment and on the underside of the vehicle. The basic service can be supplemented by additional work based on the age or operational coverage of the vehicle.
2.4 The warranty may expire if (i) the Vehicle has been altered by a third party or by installing into the Vehicle parts of other origin; (ii) the Buyer fails to observe the directives given by the Seller (including but not limited to Owner’s Manual and the maintenance booklets) concerning the proper handling and maintenance of the Vehicle; (iii) the Vehicle is not used for its intended normal purpose.
2.5 No other warranties express or implied (insofar as exclusion of implied warranties as may be permitted by law) have been or are made by the Seller.
2.6 By entering into this Contract, the Buyer confirms that he/she/it is legally and beneficially entitled to enter into this Contract on his/her/its own behalf.
2.7 Upon the acceptance of the Vehicle, the Buyer confirms that the Vehicle is fit for the purposes for which he/she/it requires it.
2.8 Upon acceptance of the Vehicle, the Buyer also confirms that the Vehicle is of merchantable quality.
2.9 The Buyer agrees and acknowledges that his/her/its only remedy under this Contract is strictly limited to free repairs or replacement of defective parts as provided under the Manufacturer’s warranty.
2.10 Save as provided in this Condition 2, all other claims, in particular claims for cancellation of order, replacement vehicle, reduction in price, or damages, are excluded.
2.11 No servant or agent of the Seller has any authority to make any warranty in addition to the ones contained in this Contract or the addendum attached (if any) or any variation to the terms of this Contract or the addendum attached (if any)unless such variation is agreed in writing by the Seller.
2.12 Without prejudice to the generality of the forgoing, no warranty is given that any anti-theft warning system supplied by the Seller with the Vehicle will prevent theft or attempted theft of the Vehicle and the Seller shall not be liable to the Buyer for any loss or damage incurred by the Buyer as a result of the theft or attempted theft of the Vehicle.


Last updated on 13 March 2015

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