Zung Fu Company Limited is the exclusive retailer of Mercedes-Benz automobiles in Hong Kong and Macau, with four showrooms and seven service centres. Today, Mercedes-Benz’s share of the automotive market in Hong Kong is one of the highest for Mercedes-Benz worldwide. Zung Fu is a subsidiary of the Jardine Motors Group, which is a member of the Jardine Matheson Group. Since 1954, when Zung Fu brought the first Mercedes-Benz to Hong Kong, the two companies have enjoyed a unique relationship. It is an alliance of equally formidable reputations; a partnership based on quality of product and service. And it has inspired a deep loyalty – between the partners and also among all Mercedes-Benz owners in Hong Kong and Macau.

The 1950s

The Mercedes-Benz showroom that opened in 1955, a year after the formal signing of an agreement between Zung Fu and Mercedes-Benz, was actually in a similar location to today’s main Causeway Bay showroom. Within three years after the first Mercedes-Benz arrived in Hong Kong, Zung Fu welcomed 1,000 new owners to the growing Mercedes-Benz family.One of the first majestic 180 models introduced to Hong Kong in 1954. It is still its owner’s beloved treasure. The 300, was the most sought-after model in Hong Kong in the 1950s.

The 1960s

In 1965, Zung Fu launched its used car trade-in programme, still in operation today, to take advantage of the high resale value of Mercedes-Benz cars. The year 1969 saw the first Zung Fu motor show, held at Ocean Terminal, with an enthusiastic reception from the public A latest Mercedes-Benz dazzles passers-by at Tai Pak floating restaurant pier in Aberdeen. No. 52, the winning car at the 1969 Macau Grand Prix 101 Guia Race, driven by Erich Waxenberger.

The 1970s

Ocean Terminal was the venue for the first Kowloon showroom, opened in 1970, followed a year later by the opening of the Quarry Bay service centre, the most modern service facility in Hong Kong and in Southeast Asia. Record attendance at the 1975 Zung Fu Motor Show as enthusiasts flocked to see the SSK 1927. The record-breaking C111 at the 1977 Zung Fu Motor Show.

The 1980s

In 1986, a centenary motor show to celebrate the 100th birthday of Daimler-Benz AG took place at the Landmark in Central. Since that time, Zung Fu has regularly held large-scale events to showcase the Mercedes-Benz range, or to celebrate the launch of a new model. The world first two automobiles, built by Mr Daimler and Mr Benz, on display in the Landmark to celebrate the centenary of Daimler Benz, the manufacturer of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, in 1986. The S-Class (W126 Series) is launched at the Hilton Hotel.

The 1990s

Huge expansion of Zung Fu operations was to take place during the next decade. In 1990, the company became part of Jardine International Motor Holdings Ltd and, during subsequent years, established Zung Fu Macau (Motors) Ltd, launched the E-Class, with 1,000 snapped up during the motor show alone, and the C-Class in four different versions. The late 1990s saw more Mercedes-Benz vehicles launched in Hong Kong including the new roadster SLK, the CLK, the A-Class, the off-road M-Class, the S-Class (220 series), the CL and the new C-Class. The AMG Mercedes 190E, driven by Klaus Ludwig, at the 1991 Macau Grand Prix. Ludwig and Kurt Thiim from AMG Mercedes team take second and third places in the Guia Race. At the 1992 launch of the Two-Door Series, the 600SL becomes the first and only car to be displayed on the Peninsula fountain.

2000… and beyond

As Zung Fu headed confidently into the 21st century, it added the smart car and Hyundai ranges to its automobile portfolio in 2002 and 2003 respectively, widening its customer base. Expansion into southern China is one of the company’s main business plans together with maintaining and improving the excellent reputation it has among the Hong Kong car-buying public. It is Zung Fu’s mission to continue to supply exquisitely engineered Mercedes-Benz automobiles, backed with impeccable after-sales service well into the future.

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